Best leadership practice in VET

What is it?

Vocational education and training in Europe is currently undergoing changes and so are the roles ofVET-leaders. The new focus -which is also supported by educational scientists - is on the accountability of learning outcomes and new approach es to teaching and learning. Reforms take place in the EU to improve the quality of education, and leadership is crucial for implementing changes in educational institutions.
With participation of five European VET schools (Hungarian, ltalian, Dutch, Finnish and Danish) the ambition of this project is to create transnational awareness and to stimulate debate and reflection on leadership for learning in VET. There is a need of transnational networking and the objectives of the project are:

* Developing a transnational network between leaders in VET;
* The exchange of practices;
* Explore and describe different types of leadership-for-learning practices in VET by analyzing best practices;
* ldentify leadership skills among leaders and among teachers as classroom leaders;
* Discuss visions for future leadership in VET.


The aim of the project

The aim of this project is to examine the question:
How does best leadership practises appear and what are the critical mechanisms that makes best leadership?


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