Project Funding

The school takes part in the PIU–programme and the Erasmus Plus programme.

From September 2016 until May 2018 the school takes part in a project in the Erasmus Plus programme. The name of the project is: “DOWN Highway 45 to Europe” – a project concerning both student mobility and staff mobility. This project is arranged in cooperation with two other social- and healthcare schools in Denmark. The three social- og healthcare schools have made a consortium and work together about applying for new projects in the coming period.

In general, the school collaborates with many different schools abroad as partners in different international projects.

During these programmes we exchange about 25 students every year from the basic programme and the main programmes at the school.

The school collaborates with two partners in Norway and Germany about a strategic partnership (KA2-priject) funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. The name of the project is: "A Pedagogical and Cultural Approach to Inclusion of Foreign Cultures". In week 37 in 2017 the school is hosting the project.

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