ROC Da Vinci College

ROC Zuid - Holland - Zuid / Da Vinci College offers vocational training programs in Economics, Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Health Care and Social Services. The age of the students at our college rang es from 16 - about 20 years. Besides also a wide variety of contract programmes is offered, as well as basic education for adults. We are aware of the faet that being an ROC we play an important role in society, and also have a great responsibility to prepare students in an adequate way for their further participation in society. This implies that we continuously work on enhancing relationships with supplying schools, companies and institutions. We have to know what the labour market needs.
Trying to respond to the needs of society & the labour market we think that international activities, like mobility for students and staff, will help to get prepared for/work at the international labour market and to be an understanding and contributing citizen. Also participating in international projects helps to improve the quality in different aspects of the college. Preventing drop-out, improving our curriculum or in a project like this improving the quality of the management so students will have a more challenging education. 

Over the past years lots of students and a growing number of teachers have been offered the chance of an international work placement. We have been cooperating with companies and institutions all over Europa for a long period.
We have been involved in KA 1 projects for a long time, giving students the opportunity to do a work placement abroad. Recently we added the possibility to study in a college and also we are starting to give the students of the lowest level a chance to ski li themselves abroad. We are partners in a number of KA2 projects concerning topics on students service, improving skills and the curriculum in the technical sector and in health care. We are open to new possibilities because the development of skills of teachers is an important issue to keep our knowledge up to date and give students the best start in their career. Students of Da Vinci College are also working in projects outside of Europe, we have a number of good projects where students from different courses can have a work placement and develop skills and competences. This year students go to America, China and Cameroon.

The project is managed by the head of international affairs, who works almost full time in the Da Vinci College organization of international projects. For more than 10 years ihe has been involved in all kinds of roles concerning international activities.
A team of 3 coordinators in the different sectors are working with the students, giving information, preparing, tutoring and debriefing the students. A large part of their job is to initiate activities, motivate students, improve the network we are working in etc.
The manager participating in this project is working in the sector of Art & Design; she has been part of the ENET conference and is very dedicated to international projects. The team is currently having a collaboration with a college in Madrid and has recently been to Berlin. She is part of the management team of the Technology sector. This position gives her the access to the other managers in the college, so if there are results that are worth to be spread out, this is the platform. She also participates in national bod i es.