IK-E Menedzsment Standard Kozpont

It is a non-profit private business school and applied research centre. lts predecessor in title - Euro-Contact Business School - was established in 1989 to introduce and develop an Open University type of high-grade supported distance learning and manager training program. The whole education activity of predecessor was ceded 1 st. January 2014. 

The business school has three major activities: i) business and management education in tertiary study level for adults; ii) applied research of organisational development, change management, leadership and organisational culture, and modern adult learning/ teaching methods and best practices; iii) running short (2-3days long) competency based workshops, seminars, solution focused team-coaching. The school offers and develops Professional Diploma in Management qualification (EQF5). CPD programs are (like OUBS professional diploma program) a blended, supported distance learning program which needs 880 hours studies. Running face-to face tutorials, residential schools self and tutor marked assessments on-line tutorials and collaborative learning, action case-study and work based learning, team-coaching and flipped classroom learning. Having high experiences with ICT supported traditional ODL.

The school is an accredited VET (Further Education) institute. Few words about predecessor: 

  • 1989 - 2004 ECBS was the sole learning centre of Open University Business School.
  • 2004 - 2009 was independent learning partner (whole course user partner) of OUBS.
  • 2009 - 2013 ECBS was an independent business school offering tertiary business and management education of adults as an accredited VET (Further Education) institute.
  • Member of ENET, funding member of Hungarian Virtual University Network, had strong professional relationship with EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) and their members.

It has 27 subcontracted tutors and trainers -all of them are really practicing senior or top managers, consultant, and advisors. 

KEMS - as a successor of Euro-Contact Business School -runs many trainings workshops, seminars and courses about leadership and organizational culture for adults. It wants to bring and share its experiences and knowledge in these fields. It has great confidence of the quality school leadership, working climate in the school and the classroom too, and the right organizational culture influence s the quality of the teaching, the learning motivation of the learners and as a result of it the learning efficiency of the students.
KEMS -based on its previous project: EntreCoach -is experienced in developing entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mindset and work awareness of young students.
Finally its subsidiary company has been involved in a nationwide project called GeoMatech (2500 math teachers from 950 schools were taught about using modem/innovative technology). Several workshops were and will be run for the head masters about leadership and developing/managing innovative di mate in the school/classroom for increasing the learning efficiency of the students. We-as a partner-want to bring the shared knowledge of the headmasters of the schools and vice-versa want to transfer the outcomes of the project to the participants of the school leadership workshops. KEMS is responsible for developing and running an association and knowledge sharing community of the STEAM teachers and head masters and running leadership and OD workshops/training for the head masters of the members schools about transferring the schools into innovative learning organisations based on school and classroom leadership in order to increase the creativity and learning motivation of the students, especially in the STEAM area. This network gives an opportunity for piloting the outcomes of the project.

According to the aims of the project the foliowing key persons are plan ned to be involved: Tibor Dori (M): the di rector of the KEMS and the Euro-Contact Group and former tutor of OUBS UK in Hungary at HR, marketing, change and strategy management. He has taught adult middle and top managers for 25 years using ICT supported distance teaching. He represented Hungary in the board of EADTU until 2010. Founder of Hungarian Virtual University Network (currently he is the president of the Network). He is currently responsible for i) continuous development of 3200 Hungarian math and science elementary and secondary teachers of 1300 schools in Hungary to use ICT/GeoGebra/digital tools and gamification in the classroom teaching; ii) developing and running a virtual social and knowledge sharing community of the taught teachers and head masters; running leadership and OD workshops for the head masters of the network.
Skills and expertise: training and coaching adult learners and managers; participating and controlling many EU projects;
Member of the Steering Committee of ENET, President of Hungarian Virtual University Network Istvan Dr. Fedor (R-TI: was graduated as medical doctor in 1984 and as certified psychologist in 1992. He is a psychologist, child psychiatrist, certified change expert by PriceWaterhouse-Coopers, trainer and coach, formal course team chair of organisational development and change management courses, tutor of Euro-Contact Business School since 1993. Specialist of adult education. Run and developed several management development courses with the focus of skill, leadership, motivation development at various SMEs and multinational companies. Personal coaching and on-the-job learning specialist. Took part on different project of Euro­Contact Business School like EntreCoach and TafCity.  

Erika Krisztian (A): has Ba in Communication. She has been working with EU grants for the past 9 years and implemented the granted projects on both national and international levels. Her planned job in this project is partnership and project ad min (planning and reporting, contracting, additional project documentation). She is an expert of international relations management. Roberta Reisinger (F): administrative accountant of many projects.Teachers and external experts: the team can formally involve few people of the teachers network.